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Model 2030 w/ VMax Head Model 2030 w/ VMax Head

Part #715648

Passenger Side - Chrome, VMax Mirror Head with Heated/Remote Controlled Flat Glass and Heated/Remote Controlled Convex Glass, 9" Radius Base, 10" Arm with Turn Signal

Service Parts:
Part Name/Description Part # List Price
Flat Glass Kit: Heated Flat Glass (8" x 13") and Retaining Clip for Attaching Glass to Housing
NOTE: Glass includes integrated heating grid for both heated and non-heated applications.
709450 Add To Order $43.65
Pivot Clamp (Half Moon) 709424-7 Add To Order $4.60
Inner Support Plate
NOTE: You may also need to order a 709424-7 pivot clamp if the one that came with your mirror is lost or destroyed.
709610 Add To Order $80.00
Top Hat Add-On Convex Mirror - Chrome 715374 Add To Order $97.48
Turn Signal Light (for Mirror Arm) 747551 Add To Order $19.00
Set Screw Caps (3/Pkg.) and Mounting Screw Caps (4/Pkg.) - Chrome 748346 Add To Order $15.20

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