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Butterfly Mount Mirror
Complete assemblies are no longer available for sale - only replacement parts. Click on the service parts button to see service parts listing for white, black, stainless steel and heated mirror heads as well as accessory components. If a replacement assembly is needed, our Star and Superstar mirrors both have the same bolt hole mounting pattern. The Star mirror is available either without any convex mirror (Pair # 712824) or with a wedge convex in one corner of the mirror (Pair # 712788); a third option is a Star mirror with a full width convex (Pair #712806). The Superstar mirror has an integral convex mirror and is only available in a heated/remote version (Right Side #712718 and Left Side #712719). All these mirror assemblies are available only in black.
Butterfly Mount Mirror
Part Description Part # List Price
Butterfly Mount Mirror Assemblies (PAIR) - Included 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" Black Flat Glass Mirrors and Brackets
Note : No replacement

  • 1988 Georgie Boy Impulse
  • 1989 Georgie Boy Impulse
  • 1990 Georgie Boy Impulse
  • 1991 Georgie Boy Impulse
  • 1992 Georgie Boy Impulse
  • 1993 Georgie Boy Impulse

  • 713173 View Service Parts N/A

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